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Annulus operation is on after the success is to be able to hold very long period of time actually, it is the time that can keep 10 years of above probably, in this during inside if be to undertake sexual life is to be able to prevent occurrence accident,be pregnant, also not be nevertheless 100 percent be successful, but should wait for contraceptive means than prophylactic and condom successful probability will be more a few higher, also won’t have to the body harm of female friends additionally so big.

 Annulus can be in charge of how many years on

Inert intrauterine device: With stainless steel silk or plastic, silica gel is made, if the metal is odd,annulus of annulus, fried dough twist reachs annulus of form of stainless steel palace to wait.

Take cupreous intrauterine device: It is to use the Yo inside a kind of the most comprehensive active a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale at present implementShanghai Long Feng forum

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, use copper to be opposite of spermatozoon or oosperm kill and wound action to enhance contraceptive result.

Release the intrauterine device of progestational hormone: Will carry the progestational hormone at the intrauterine device slow and constant the ground releases uterine antrum inside, rose to use contraceptive the effect, can reduce haemorrhage apparently.

Release the intrauterine device of hemostatic medicaments: Can control effectivelyShanghai night net

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The addition that the menstruation after the intrauterine device is placed measures.

The eyewinker action of the intrauterine device can cause the asexuality inflammation of the film inside the uterus, affect a bed of oosperm thereby. Outside washing sexual intrauterine device to remove afore-mentioned effect, outside containing cupreous intrauterine device to remove afore-mentioned effect, the birth control inside the palace that contain copper releases cupreous ion, have to spermatozoon and embryo kill and wound action.

 Annulus can be in charge of how many years on

The intrauterine device that contains progestational hormone but long-term a few to palace progestational hormone is released inside antrum, make the film inside the uterus atrophic, go against oosperm to wear bed, the action of this two respects all makes the contraceptive effect of active intrauterine device is strengthened further.

Because vaginal around is shown than be being stuck at ordinary times,close condition, so vaginal contraceptive annulus is in vaginal deep is general and not easy emergence. This annulus volume is minor, it is in the vagina, apparent eyewinker feeling is not had when of the same branch of a family, not big to sexual life influence, got the reception of most person so.

Birth control implement although do not disturb follicular development and mature oviposit,be in inside uterine antrum, egg of completely not cloggy also sperm is united in wedlock, but as a result of birth control implement the machinery inside palace antrum and (or) release medicaments action, prevent a bed that affects oosperm. Via the histology of the film inside the uterus, organization chemistry reachs biochemistry to check, think birth control implement can make humoral environment produces change inside palace antrum, make insideLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Acid of velar kernel glucoside is enzymatic, acidity phosphoric acid is enzymatic as enzymatic as alkalescent phosphoric acid wait for vigor to increase, the growth that affects oosperm thereby, development and move bed.

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The contraceptive effect of the intrauterine device is good, period of efficacy is long, already was borne or be willing to use this law to did not bear a woman what use contraceptive to all can be used. Of course, use thisFall in love with the sea

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The law uses contraceptive also is not to be sure 100 percent, the woman that takes annulus to be pregnant is in clinical on commonner.

 Annulus can be in charge of how many years on

Birth control implement model has a variety of, the doctor can choose appropriate model according to the size of female cervix.

Do not restrain oviposit, do not affect female internal system, avoided the harmful response that general medicaments uses contraceptive consequently. Do not have the harm with great what to the body, can use contraceptive for a long time.

Do not affect sexual life: A lot of people like to take when of the same branch of a family set, but do not have that high gender interest however, very troublesome also. Affected the life between husband and wife badly.

Won’t affect the female’s fecundity: If want baby, should take out ring only go, won’t right the bodyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Cause what effect.