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The crus place that after getting purpura, we can discover a patient can appear the purple bit dot with concentrated rife, bigger to the gender is being endangered for our body, because he is the disease of body immunity system, so it can make our body becomes worse and worse, can make the albumen inside our body, asShanghai night net

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Uric fluid a prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, and bring about the body to become thin, what does so purpuric symptom have?

What does purpuric symptom have

Purpuric symptom:

1, hemal sex is purpuric: Haemorrhage basically is in limb, especially the following limb sees for how, path of bowel of stomach of main drag in, kidney reachs purpura of sex of blood-vessel of immunity of; of spot of the dot that show Yu, Yu articulatory antrum, can cause bellyacke, hematuria, albuminuria and articulatory strut and ache.

2, irritability is purpuric: This disease sees more in children and adolescent, bright dominance fastens a difference. Before coming on 1 ~ may appear 3 weeks the prodrome such as infection of the upper respiratory tract, be like calorific, pharynx painful, whole body is unwell etc. Systemic rash appears after, rash semmetry divides city, size to differ, appear group by group, hip sees more below, skin of summary prep above, press not fade, later period but confluence is become piece, form Yu spot, serious person occurrence blood bubble, can accompany skin oedema, urticaria at the same time. Partial patient accompanies arthralgia, bloodFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Make water, bellyacke and black.

What does purpuric symptom have

3, plaque reduces sexual purpura: Mix with spontaneity skin stickyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Blood is outstanding performance. Inside the skin that much performance is pinpoint size or hypodermic haemorrhage dot, or the spot that it is Yu and purpura, a few have rash of skin haematoma; to distributing not all, constant with limb more, see in the place more that collides easily. Nosebleed or gingival haemorrhage often accompany rash to appear or be the outstanding performance when having disease haemorrhage of path of; stomach bowel is scarce, see naked eye hematuria occasionally. GreenSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Period female patient but menstruate is overmuch. A few patient can have conjunctiva to fall to bleed with retina. Skull internal haemorrhage is scarce, but one have happen, prognostic and undesirable.

4, the purpura after blood transfusion: Its feature is to be defeated note 1 week is made an appointment with after containing plaque composition blood, the patient breaks out plaque to decrease.

5, infection sex is purpuric: Average performance is dot of haemorrhage of the skin, mucous membrane and purpura. Partial patient sees spot of the skin is big Yu, appear even hematic scab, necrotic, ulcer. Serious person can appear mucous membrane bleeds, can appear even splanchnic haemorrhage, if cough blood, n/med having blood in one’s stool, hematuria, haematemesis. Come on the symptom that initial stage sees former hair infection is peculiar and body are asked for.

What does purpuric symptom have

6, pure sex is purpuric: The skin Yu drop with slight spontaneity or Yu spot, give priority to with double lower limbs, can happen in upper limbs occasionally, but happen at human body rarelyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Cadre. Yu spot or Yu particle size differ, distributing not all, not tower above surface, press not fade is not aching also. Not classics cure, yu spot but proper motion subsidise, the pigment that leaves green yellow is ad cool-headed spot piece, disappear gradually later.