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The female is pregnant is very normal natural phenomenon, but, contemporary femaleShanghai noble baby

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Body state go from bad to worse of the gender, be pregnant capacity also appeared to drop generally, and cause be pregnant as a result of,the reason majority of occurrence problem is oviposit not free causes, accordingly, use modern medicine technology to close toShanghai Long Feng forum

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Entering oviposit is very effective, for example, hitting follicular burst needle is more commonly used means, dozen of follicular burst needle sees below oviposit?

Hit follicular burst needle how long oviposit

After giving or take an injection commonly 36 hours arrive 48 hours likely oviposit, oviposit around is OK of sexual lifeShanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net
, because be before oviposit sexual life, spermatozoon also can survive 9 days, ovum also can survive 9 days after oviposit. Say to want to be in only so sexual life of oviposit period around, pregnant possibility had better be to do B to exceed greatly quite, monitor follicular, look follicularNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Can discharge come out, if cannot eliminate follicular, also cannot be pregnant. A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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General and follicular development becomes a diameter after 18 millimeter, what attribute normal dominant position is follicular, have certain be fertilized capacity, but if from ovarian go up continuously cannot the word of eduction, still need to use hurried oviposit remedy. Using hormone of chorion hurried sexual gland commonly, of 36 hours of or so oviposit, this kind of your circumstance, suggest to after using drug, be monitored continuously, begin to arrange time of of the same branch of a family from now, tertian of the same branch of a family, altogether 3.

Hit follicular burst needle how long oviposit

What should notice after hitting broken egg needle

1, proposal life has the law, assure to sleep amply eye time, strengthen nutrition, eat delicate easy digestive food, keep buoyant.

2, notice reasonable food, avoid smoke wine, acrimony, raw or cold food, fat, exciting food, eat less to produce angry food easily: Wait like potato, yam. Can eat some of rice congee, the easy digestive such as cooked wheaten food.

Hit follicular burst needle how long oviposit

3, exciting and ovarian caused abdominal distension, can drink boiling water of some of crucian carp fish more, alleviate this kind of abdominal distension meeting is helpful.

4, the proposal notices to rest, strengthen nutrient complement, not too too nervous.

Suggest because it does not have side-effect,a lot of females break egg needle, the local female friends that there is a lot of wanting that notice after hitting broken egg needle should note a drop more, break egg needle to suggest female friends want to go to a few normal, public 3 armour hospitals hit, do not go a few those who do not have certificate of approval 3 shed a hospitalShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Go hitting, do not issue a few penny for the province and killed oneself.