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Quickening to pregnant woman, still be worth to pay close attention to very, because of the embryo1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Those who move is normal, having very close relationship with fetal development, if quickening is too frequent or if quickening is too little, so pregnant woman must go to a hospital in time undertaking checking, next reassume answers measure accordingly. So, what meaning are all sorts of quickening representing? Will undertake introductory to this below!

All sorts of quickening represent what meaning

One, what feeling is quickening?

Cross belly like feather kiss; Attack in the butterfly of control like approach fan next wing; Face about of small like fish makes current fluctuant; Volant like swan wind blows a meadow; Is like benthic murmur verbose risked come up the activity of a string of hubble-bubble… what is this? It is quickening!

2, when does quickening begin?

Quickening is fetal the movement that pounds uterine wall in the activity in uterine antrum. Actually, darling is in early when can be in uterusForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Swim inside, but not be every time quickening permits motherShanghai Long Feng forum

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Feel well and truly, inchoate quickening is very faint, unless have the aid of is supersonic,check, do not have a person to be able to know when darling rests otherwise, when to begin have fun; Arrive greatly when the uterus only when enough and celiac wall contact, accurate mom just feels embryo1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Generally speaking, be pregnant full after 4 months, begin the mother’s body to be able to feel fetal activity apparently from the 5th month namely, fetal in the uterusForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Stretch his hand inside, kick wall of uterus of leg, concussion, this is quickening. Quickening is one of darling and mom’s earliest interactive ways, the frequency of quickening how many, speed loses by force wait for the health that states the move is fetal.

All sorts of quickening represent what meaning

3, what does different quickening mean again?

1, the feeling that risks hubble-bubble

In pregnant inchoate, mom is in quiet when like may feeling to hubble-bubble is risked like small fish in abdomen, crawly feeling, this is fetal darling is brought up gradually, first time and mom greet sb!

2, quickening wriggles euqally like wave

Arrived pregnant metaphase, mom may feel the wave that tenderness resembles in abdomen is same, like perhaps having thing glide, briefly is protuberant. This is darling very comfortable, express cheerful ~ I am satiate, sleep enough, the feeling is very cozy, the mood is very good!

3, quickening at the same time several direction beat rises

When accurate mom is sitting, can feel at the same time several direction are roused suddenly, this is bub in stretch oneself, perhaps was squeezed a bit protesting!

3, quickening strength is very great very abrupt perhaps one below

All sorts of quickening represent what meaning

This is darling is frightened, darling is grouchy!

4, quickening very1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Ground of law having a red-letter day continual

Sometimes, mom’s belly can jump like the heart same, certain dot is beating all the time, but belly did not rise and fall, look to be in like unlike belly belch? Right, darling is in namely belch oh!