Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe basks in the retail edition that gave VR equipment Rift to pack on individual Twitter now, announce Rift will begin shipment on March 28 at American time at the same time. Be worth what carry is, oculus Rift head in sending 20 big countries and area, do not include chinese mainland.

Compare HTC Vive and PS VR, oculus Rift most mix first consumer people meet, players of 28 country of day head hair can experience this month went up. Nevertheless the government did not disclose first shipment amount at present.

With Oculus Rift one still have 30 VR game with what appear on the market, this includes ” cycle racing plans ” , ” Yi dark card disappears especially ” , ” elite: Dangerous ” wait for game, the price differs to 59.99 dollars from 4.99 dollars.

Oculus Rift price 600 dollars, the ability showing clip of GTX 970 of PC player need or R9 290 or above is fluent moving VR game.