3ds simulator Citra3ds is the software of simulator of a 3ds that Citra group rolls out on computer, use this simulator to be able to move to roll out the partial 3ds game on market at present. Recently, this simulator added a function newly, support high-definition picture to move. The result is quite satisfactory: Resemble ” super Maliao 3D mainland ” , ” Maliao cycle racing 7 ” and ” Saierda is fabulous: Of two worlds stumble ” wait for game, the picture is delicate degree explode watch.

Game of Ren Tiantang 3DS moves below the resolution of 400 240 normally (3D image turns over) one time again. The found person of Citra3ds released the picture of the various 3DS game that runs below resolution of a batch of 1600 900 on the government-owned net on this simulator, latent capacity of future of indication 3DS game is infinite.

This simulator was rolled out first 2015, support sport of a lot of Ren Tiantang 3DS, but the development of simulator perfects the job to still do not have an end far. Development business still solves frequency and stability problem in effort, the target 2016 is perfect Citra3ds function, enhance its compatibility, increase its stability.