JRPG is made newly ” the instant of oblation and snow (Setsuna Of Sacrifice And Snow) ” will be about to transplant on July 19 to PC platform, and PC edition also rechristen is ” I am instant (I Am Setsuna) ” . The E3 2016 that the government brought PC edition for us now is publicized piece, young associate people It is a pleasure to be the first to read an artical or see a film. .

” I am instant ” be by SE new the part that the atelier of Tokyo RPG Factory that hold water makes acts game. Should be being made is above century 90 time, the game feeling of that JRPG brilliant hour and a play that the concept writes. Game story tells about girl instant is one has 18 years old of girls of extremely high fascination, and her destiny is for peace and the sacrificial offerings that makes death. To can make sacrificial offerings smoothly, the mercenary that the hero will act bodyguard instant and launch trip together with instant.