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Star Arnaud? Shiwaxinge, it is the God that broad and strong and handsome lover adores. Although be in today, he 2 that unapproachable flesh and chest muscle still are people take delight in talking about. Strong and handsome purpose, it is how to pass training to increase the body effectively the muscle of each place piece. Scientific training method can have work at sth with special care to muscle, those who make is more perfect. To broad and strong and handsome lover and body building member for, answer above all dedicated at muscle piece growth. The factor that affects muscle growth is very much, its1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The age and nutrient problem are the most important in, especially the nutrition of scientific sex, it can make you successful already, also can let you fail.

Strong and handsome player has the muscle bulk that develop and clear muscle line, this is to exceed for long negativeShanghai noble baby

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The result that the great strength power of carry on one’s shoulder trains, also cannot leave scientific and reasonable nutrition at the same time, reasonable nutrition can enhance the result adding muscle of force training, the athletic nutrition provision that the muscle in body building process is being affected below increases makes one overview.

One, the athletic nutrition food that has clear effect

1. flesh is acerbity

Flesh acid is a kind natural in the flesh kind the material with the existence in fish food, also contain normally among human body, by flesh acid and phosphoric acid acid of flesh of joint complex phosphoric acid is one of main energy material inside human body. The day need quantity of acid of common person flesh is 2 to 3 grams, among them the half is obtained from inside food, other in part is OK by acid of ammonia of essence of lifeForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, pleasant ammonia acid and egg ammonia acid are mixed in human body liver, kidney pancreas dirty synthesis.

The research that affects to athletic ability about flesh acid has a lot of, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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After flesh acid can raise athletic ability, stimulative training, complement restores. Research report takes flesh sick at heart everyday 20 grams (or 0.3 grams / day / kilogram weight) , successive complement 4 to 7 days, acid of the flesh inside muscle and the chroma with phosphoric acid acerbity flesh can increase 10~30% .