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Holothurian can eat together with spinach, these two kinds feed material to won’t have the problem that food photograph overcomes, holothurian it is the seafood with better effect of a kind of health care, have certain benefited effect to the body, one of 8 big curiosa of the world that be called, eating at ordinary times holothurian when also should understand a few contraindication, everyday cannot edible is overmuch, spring when easy get angryShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, say to want to eat less as far as possible so holothurian, do not eat as far as possible for poorer to kidney function person additionally.

Holothurian can eat together with spinach

Holothurian can eat together with spinach

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Spinach is not overcome, the sea participates in spinach both eat together, filling iron enrichs the blood, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid the action of moisten the respiratory tract.

Holothurian colleague ginseng, bird’s nest, fim is eponymous, it is one of 8 big curiosa of world. According to ” gleaning of detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in account: Holothurian, flavour pleasant is salty, filling kidney, beneficial marrow, absorb pass water, wei of Zhuang Yang cure, its sex is lukewarm fill, sufficient enemy is joined, friend name is holothurian.

Holothurian can eat together with spinach

The contraindication with holothurian edible:

1, everyday edible does not exceed

To constitutional weakling, everyday holothurian it is better feed treatment involving the use of tonics to restore the patient’s health. To healthy crowd, especially the area with relatively dry climate, lv of holothurian take an examination goes to surfeit ” suffer from excessive internal heat ” problem. Accordingly, everyday edible is holothurian had better not exceed.

2, spring should be fed less holothurian

Spring is the season of easy get angry, especially northward spring is much drier. Feed when filling, want to notice especially, do not cross much edible to make easily food of person get angry, holothurian alsoForum of Shanghai night net

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Include. Accordingly, spring eats holothurian should reduce an amount again.

Holothurian can eat together with spinach

3, the person that kidney result is differred should be fed less

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Article, disclose result amino acid is excreted by the kidney more. So, the person that kidney function is differred cannot eat more.

4, unfavorable with contain tannic acid fruit to be fed together

Holothurian and unfavorable be equal with grape, persimmon, pomegranate, hawkthorn feed, in case among them tannic acid brings about albumen caky, the influence is digested absorb, cause abdomen unwell.

5, deep treatment of cook method avoid by all means

From nutrient angle for, water is boiled, the cooking means of boiled in clear soup, cold and dressed with sause can be protected mostShanghai noble baby

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Card is holothurian in contains nutrition is not easy prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, and flavour is delicious, maneuverable also, this kind of practice most those who be helpful for holothurian oneself nutrition release. The cooking method such as braise in soy sauce suits not quite.