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Electric meal Bao not only can use stew rice, also can make food of a few soup actually, also can use the hoof that become a pig, it is a kind of very simple way, when Bao of the meal that use phone does pig hoof, do not need to fry pan. OnlyA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Need prepares right amount dressing, put these dressing inside bag of a small gauze. The rock candy with right amount rejoin, preparation is born right amountly to smoke and often be smoked, join right amount cooking wine, can do pig hoof with electric meal Bao.

The practice encyclopedia of hoof of pig of electric meal Bao

With makings

Advocate makings: Pig hoof 2 root green half ginger 5 garlic 5 valve

Complementary makings: Chinese prickly ash 10 anise a cassia bark 1 paragraph of sweet leaves 2 soy 5 spoon cooking wine 4 spoon rock candy 5 caoguo 1

By mat of garlic of 1. green ginger

2. installs flavor in gauze bag, those who have chili oneself add dry chili, if flavor deserves to also do not have nothing to do with completely, can buy off-the-peg bittern makings package, or most cassia bark of anise sweet leaf gives deserve to go up. Still can add earthnut or Xianggu mushroom, by oneself be fond of is added.

The practice encyclopedia of hoof of pig of electric meal Bao

Chunk of chop of 3. pig foot (the eldest brother that lets sell the meat helps youSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Chop, unless you follow me to have big chopper) euqally, abluent cold water leaves boiler, heat scald water 5 minutes, add pig foot and flavor bag,

4. flavoring,

5. water increases the position that floods pig hoof, the cap on the lid, press cook key.

Flavour is tasted after 6. is boiled, if insufficient Xian Ke nods soy with continueing to add, the taste that soup juice flavors to eat at ordinary times than you is a few weaker, because can boil saltier more. Boiled with respect to what can set his mind at next. Want to stew 40 minutes the least, the time after 40 minutes, see everybody be opposite the be fond of of pig foot mouthfeel. That gnaws one oral to try with respect to oneself!

Practice 2


Egg of 3~5 of pig pork leg, small red turnip, quail 12, day day chili 2 root, garlic piece 3 bead, Jiang Pian half root, onion half, candy 2tsp, soy right amount, rice wine one bowl, rice wine soy is right amount, right amount

The practice encyclopedia of hoof of pig of electric meal Bao


1, pork leg of pig of try to win sb’s favor, ask a boss to handle pig wool clean. Pork leg puts small bowl to join go foreign matter material, begin to add from cold water lukewarm, with the smallest fire, let warm up slowly from cold water, water cannot boil. After water of the blood after about 20 minutes and sewage are risen to, involve fire. At that time pork leg has only outer thin thin small ripe.

2, after the pork leg that has ironed drops in temperature to cold water, blow pigskin with spoon emphatic, impurity of take out the rest. If return the pig hair that has many to unplug,drop it! Such ability eat so that set one’s mind at ~

3, in putting stuff of dark reddish brown into boiler, fry effervescent, make caramel sauce thicken stiff.

4, make caramel sauce thicken stiffForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Hind, put pork leg, fry pork leg on caramel dark reddish brown.

5, fry on even caramel dark reddish brown is OK, do not need to wait for pork leg completely ripe.

6, pork leg immigrant bowl, put burdenShanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net
. The small red turnip that burden has the whole root that washs clean (not flay) , quail egg. Flavoring onion, Jiang Pian, garlic piece, chili also is put in. Enter rice wine, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Bowl of soy half and half, rejoin water has built the 3/2 of material.

7, pork leg lean lean is gadarene, with boiler of Great Harmony report steam of a cup of water.

8, after start of a cup of water comes. Gadarene dip is in the fat pork leg Shang Zhizhong, attend lean lean day avoid to be stewed inside soup juice too long change bavin. Boiler of report of reoccupy Great Harmony a cup of water continues evaporate, hour of frowsty 2~3 of condition of the heat preservation after start comesShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby

9, if wear the past easily,the chopstick is used in the Bian Bian of fat, with respect to the delegate fat has boiled ┬ to get soft Q, contain colloid mouthfeel, not fat. Take out pork leg and burden place in dish in the center of.

10, heat a bowl thick gravy, join too whitening ticks off Gorgon euryale. Drench next on pork leg. Finished.