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Because rich vitamin C and the function that fight melanin are contained in yangtao, accordingly to female friends, if if want him skin to become white,fair-skinneding, should eat yangtao more. But if coming home, general yangtao is bought is to do not have ripe, set period of time with respect to need at that time, it is better that the flavour of yangtao just is met. Accordingly many people are preventing and cure of yangtao whenForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Forgot to eat, wait think yangtao discovers it is already bad however. What kind of consequence can if ate bad yangtao,you cause?

Yangtao became bad eat meeting how

Yangtao put a few days forcedly to be able to eat

Yangtao is too hard, need puts a few days to let her molten, but, also do not put too long, give off wine flavour, even putrefaction is bad. 2~ of transfer to a lower level of average room temperatureForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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3 days of enough.

Yangtao should be in firm ripe when still doing not have complete molten again, eating is best. Press gently with handle gently press yangtao, byA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Go down cuticular meeting slightly sunken if going down, with respect to demonstrative yangtao already molten, this moment edible, mouthfeel is best.

After in principle says yangtao is ripe fruit, need is put soft hind eat, but also want appropriate. Use a hand to hold, whole had weak feeling to be able to eat, if too soft still cannot eat really occasionally.

Yangtao became bad eat meeting how

Above all, can pare the skin looks, if too weak position smells,change flavour, be bad, or color changed, that also is bad. So the circumstance that plants a bit worse to this, can other part still have?

Want yangtao only actually a bit worse, all sorts of microbial especially all sorts of fungus can breed ceaselessly, produce a large number of toxic material in progenitive process. These toxicant pass juice to be permeated to not cankered part from cankered part ceaselessly again, diffuse, bring about not cankered part to contain microbial metabolization substance likewise.

Yangtao became bad eat meeting how

All sorts of unwell conditions such as dizziness may produce after the person ate, in addition, the nitric acid salt that its contain after yangtao is bad, still can become poisonous nitrite.

So, yangtao is in a certain position is too weak bring about smell or look pulp became angry, still suggest decisive and refuse.

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Discuss everybody to want to notice to choose whole to be in the fructification of solid position when buying yangtao, cannot have injury, soft spots, touch caustic, once discover, ten million cannot be bought. Place of the injury after yangtao whole should have the injury of little to put one day only is met rapid molten, next acidify even fester, below this kind of circumstance, yangtao did not have method to eat.