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Wrapping dumpling is the activity that has fun very much, dumpling also is one of very important delicate cate in the life, most person special love to eat dumpling, because the flavour of dumpling is rich, nutrient value is high, matters concerned is most taste demand of the person. And bag dumpling is the dietary activity that every family takes seriously very much, but, wrap dumpling hard to avoidAShanghai Long Feng forum

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Encounter the case that remains dumpling skin, so, wrap the area that dumpling leaves how to do?

Wrap the area that dumpling leaves how to do?

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Make gold-rimmed cake:

1, the dose that cuts dough even size with the knife child, become with rolling pole roll thin thin round cake.

2, scatter above good in roll round cake a few salt (also can be pink of candy, the five spices etc, according to him taste) daub is even.

3, the edible that pours a few on the cake cover that drops even salt is oily, cake of 50% discount face is oily even daub on cake face.

4, cut face cake with the knife fine, seize record of fried dough twist.

5, strip of shape of fried dough twist slowly dish into a group, helix is gone to from bottom hanging wall. Next Sa Shangzhi hemp (or earthnut) planish is stand-by.

6, hot pot enters oil, the cake group that will made next is put into pan, decoct of medium baking temperature, when one side is golden till golden color fills an outfit,turn over decoct other one side next dish with respect to success.

Wrap the area that dumpling leaves how to do?

Violet potato of skin of the dumpling that make flogs:

1, violet potato flay, section evaporate is ripe.

2, dumpling skin is put in egg whip model, can brush bit of oil; Good evaporate violet potato is lain between last bag pressing becomes mud.

3, right amount white sugar is joined to mix after be being pressed into mud evenLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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; Put back up beautiful bag, if violet potato is too dry, but the right amount milk that increase a point.

4, on impact dumpling skin, scatter some of shredded coconut stuffing and adornment candy, into oven 180 degrees bake 10 minutes or so, dumpling skin becomes yellow can. Time offers reference only, it is according to oneself oven accurate.

Wrap the area that dumpling leaves how to do?

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Dumpling of fresh pork of skin of the watermelon that make:

1. watermelon skin brushs silk, carrot cuts Cheng Ding.

2. adds fleshy mashed vegetable or fruit end of ginger of essence of wine, candy, salt, chicken, oyster sauce, green.

3. agitate energetically.

4. puts watermelon skin silk and carrot man into the flesh mix in mud divide evenly.

5. drenchs spot sesame oil is added sweet.

6. takes skin of a dumpling, bit of water is wiped all around, the bag enters stuffing.

Hold the edge after 7. is 50% discount prison.

8. was not wrapped a little while very much, it is good that someone helpsShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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9. puts dumpling into boiled water boiler.

Lid of the boiler on 10. lid is boiled rise to dumpling float.

11. opens boiler again the lid is small boil a little while, until indistinct see stuffing is ripe.