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Loose mushroom soup this is a kind of liquid that be made for main raw material with loose bacterium and becomes, its taste not only exceedingly delicious, still contain very rich vitamin, mineral also or protein and other microelement are waited a moment, can enhance power of human body immunity effectively, enhance human body constitutionFall in love with the sea

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And clear hot reduce internal heat is waited a moment. Fresh loose bacterium boiling water is very gay getting a person, its practice also has many, what does the practice that soup of fresh pine mushroom introduces below have.

What does the practice of soup of fresh pine mushroom have?

Practice one: ? Is  severe does the beat up that show  become warped?

1. chop processing is good

2. prepares raw material

3. chop is in clear waterForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Proper bubble one bubble, go with bubble redundant hematic water, wash water of scald of the boiler below good chop cold water, scoop scour off blood foam

4. tomato puts boiling water in

5. has been ironed, next flay for good-looking, I a tomato skin take out, if you are afraid of a trouble, need not flay

6. stripping and slicing

7. chop relay enters a stockpot in, add right amount boiled water, put Jiang Pian, cooking wine, stew to chop know sth thoroughly, probably 1 hour or so, wait for when chop is know sth thoroughly, rejoin tomato

8. is put into crab flavour stay of proceedings

9. ketchup, salt

10. is stewed again to tomato soft sodden, OK Guan Huocheng goes out

What does the practice of soup of fresh pine mushroom have?

Practice 2: ? Is book  beat up celebrated?

1. will be put after chop is abluentFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Into the bowl, join salt, peppery, green and Jiang Pian;

2. rejoin is born right amountly smoke and cooking wine, souse 15 minutes of;

3. dismisses drumstick stay of proceedings and apricot Bao stay of proceedings the knifeForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Become small, the cross is hit to spend; on beautiful stay of proceedings

4. puts right amount oil to heat in boiler, chop small fire is put after oil burns heat slightly scamper;

5. blast comes after jumping over yellow of gold of surface of the chop after 5 minutes, fall to prepare dawdle one case scamper;

6. waits for taper of oily boiler bleb, add ready red turnip to spend scamper; one case

7. scoops all material; accusing oil entirely after 9 minutes

8. is put in Bao a few oily, put cassia bark together, the aniseed stir-fry before stewing such as anise fries;

Green Chinese onion is joined to spread bottom; after 9. stir-fry before stewing fries fragrance

What does the practice of soup of fresh pine mushroom have?

10. puts the bamboo shoot that has cut again piece underlay;

11. joins the raw material; such as the stay of proceedings that a moment ago scamper crosses and chop

12. crosses the Shang Zhizhong of chop in bubble1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Join 3 spoon cooking wine, 3Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Spoon is unripe smoke, one spoon candy, one spoon bad news is oily, salt of one small spoon and peppery, mix is even;

13. enters the makings juice that a moment ago got ready the; in Bao

14. builds upper cover, conflagration is boiled, close; on small fire stew 5 minutes

15. enters a bowl of small cooking wine along lid brim again, again; of bell of the dichotomy on stew

16. is delicate Bao of assorted bacterium chop is good.