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Although parents always do not hope the child takes candy, but the body was short of candy also is not of midday, and lactose is a kind of safer food, suit child edible especially, but what food contains milk sugar? Milk sugar is being contained in mother milk is most, besides, taller milk sugar also is contained among milk products, so everybody does not let the child eat shuffle of the saccharide that contain sugar cane at ordinary times, contain the food of lactose composition however.

What food contains milk sugar

What does the food that contains milk sugar have

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Breast kind reach dairy produce to contain rich milk sugar, lest cause lactose to not be able to bear or endure,should avoid edible disease, need to notice compensatory vitamin B 2 and calcium are qualitative.

Be able to bear or endure to lactose get very bad patient, want recognize to contain the food of tall lactose besides the other possibility besides milk, lest be fed by accident, generate worry of unwell of intestines and stomach. The food that contains tall lactose component possibly includes: Former times of sauce of hoosh of candied, biscuit, corn, salad, biscuit, ice-cream, grandma, butter, case crisp… wait.

Lactose is not able to bear or endure disease patient dare not drink milk, may calcium absorbs insufficient problem character, should notice usually1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Contain tall calcic alimental to absorb. Besides in front already had carried beyond, yoghurt is worth while and special push sugar cane. Because yoghurt is good calcic qualitative additional source, although not little milk sugar also is contained in yoghurt, but the fungus in yoghurt also can make a Man of a few lactose come, usable will digest among them lactose, won’t have the problem that lactose is not able to bear or endure so.

What food contains milk sugar

The distinction of lactose and cane sugar

Write in the recipe that I discover food of a lot of infants do not add sucrose, can taste sweet stillLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, was to add lactose recipe actually, lactose and cane sugar are distinguished actually still is very big, the candy that in living at ordinary times, we take, for instance Bai Sha candy, candy, basically be to contain cane sugar in them, a kind of 2 candy, hydrolysis is dextrose and fructose later, these two kinds are monose.

If be to point to carbohydrate, so carbohydrate includes monose, 2 candy and polysaccharide, Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Lactose is 2 candy, alsoFall in love with the sea

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It is to say a medium kind to lactose is carbohydrate just. Milk sugar is ordinary of consist in animal galactic in the center, it is milkFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Ah, in milk products or mother milk, it is formed via digesting hydrolysis hind dextrose and half lactose, the word of half lactose wants commonly via changing, turn into dextrose just is absorbed by human body.

What food contains milk sugar

Lactose is more healthy to the child, sucrose eats much, easy generation dental caries and candy are depended on, and sucrose is too much can make darling gain weight, although chubby very lovely, but fat bad. Had better be to give the child to choose a nest can favour this kind of recipe milk powder that does not contain cane sugar, and milk sugar is contained inside mother milk, so safer to darling.